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Our Neighborhood

Alderwood Manor was a community that is now the cities of Lynnwood, Brier, and Mountlake Terrace. Alderwood Manor was a farming community where most residents raised chickens. Alderwood Manor was connected to Everett and Seattle by an Interurban trolley system. Most signs of Alderwood have since disappeared but in 2004 Lynnwood’s Heritage Park opened. The Heritage Park has some old buildings of the Lynnwood area such as The Wickers Building which served as Alderwood’s main store and post office from 1919-1960s, it was still was open in the 1990s. Other buildings included car 55 of the interurban trolley system.

In 1979 Lynnwood’s largest tourist attraction, the Alderwood Mall was built. But most people do not know the history of the name Alderwood.

The only Alderwood Manor buildings still in the same place as they were when they were built are the old Masonic Temple (now a Korean church) and Manor Hardware (former schoolhouse in early 1900s). Both buildings can be barely seen from busy 196th St SW in Lynnwood. Some private homes still stand in the area as well. Alderwood Manor Post Office is still open, but has moved. Residents still use it. You can visit the Alderwood Manor post office (in Lynnwood City Limits) near the Lynnwood Covention Center in the former Alderwood Town Center.