A Community Of Teachers (Life-Long Learners)

Teachers at Cypress Adventist School are well prepared.  All Cypress teachers have completed a rigorous dual certification process having certification from Washington State and by the North American Division of Seventh-Day Adventist Office of Education.
Four Cypress Staff members are recent world travelers. Their travels include cultural enrichment trips to:  Asia (Cambodia, Vietnam), continental Europe, Eastern Europe (Romania), Greece, Turkey and South Africa.
Cypress teachers endeavor to keep current both by professional reading and by participating in workshops and webinars.
Recent continuing education experiences of Cypress Teachers include participation in the following:

  • Parenting/Teaching with Love and Logic – Jim Fay
  • The Whole-Brain Child – Dr. Dan Siegel
  • Brain Rules – Dr. John Medina
  • Why Students Don’t Like School – Dr. Daniel Willlingham
  • Ren Web – Total electronic record keeping for schools

Our Cypress teachers endeavor to be models of life-long learning.