Partners for Eternity

We’re proud to have some of our students participating in the Partners for Eternity program. Students earn grants to help cover up to 1/4 of their tuition while benefiting from the friendship of their elderly participant.

About the Program

Students participating in the grant-funded program perform light housecleaning and/or yard work, visit, read, play games, assist with planned facility events, along with many other responsibilities.  These activities benefit the older adults with daily living and quality of life while also providing students an excellent opportunity to appreciate the value of service, foster positive mutual relationships with the elderly, and help with financing their Christian education.
This program allows participating students and their families to continue their commitment to a Seventh-day Adventist education.  The academy work and elementary scholarship grant can defray as much as one-quarter of a child’s tuition.  Based on the approved grants for the 2015-2016 academic year, over 1,900 families committed to Seventh-day Adventist Christian education will be impacted by as much as $2.4 million in tuition assistance with 151 qualified schools as recipients of the grant. And, through a practiced attitude of service on the part of the students, as many as 2,700 senior citizens are served currently through this grant.

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